Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle

I tried something new and exciting and I am ready to share this with you! We went to a Chef Hung Beef Noodle place to have lunch.

Chef Hung is a three-time champion of the Taipei International Beef Noodle Festival Competition between the years of 2007 to 2010.

In 2009 Chef Hung Beef Noodle became an international chain. They have restaurants in Canada and U.S.

You can find the locations here.

If you are like me, afraid going to restaurants that would make you feel very new and you would not be sure of what to order, this place is just perfect! It literally has a picture for every dish. And they all look so good you feel like you want to try them all!

We began our lunch with few appetizers.

Started with a couple of marinated eggs.

We also ordered Pan Fried Sliced Radish Cakes. I was so happy we did, it might be my new favorite appetizer. I really enjoyed the taste. In my surprise they cut the cakes with an actual scissors.

As for the third appetizer we shared Chinese Kalimeris (Ma-Lan) with Bean Curd. I was very interested when I saw it on the menu. It was very usual for my taste! worth trying it though.

Chef Hung’s has its own signature beef noodle recipe with the slow cooked complex broth free of additives.

We have ordered one vegetarian and one beef noodle soups for our mains.

The food came out really fast! Service is prompt and friendly.

The award Winning Beef noodle soup was truly delicious and very rich in flavors that blended together so perfectly. Beef was very tender, and had minimal fat. It’s definitely a high quality bowl of Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup. Also their rice and flour noodles are made in house!

My vegetarian noodle soup was so hearty! I was so happy with my dish since I was craving for a good bowl of soup for a while now. The portion was so big and the smaller items that would come with just two items were surprisingly huge. There were so many leftovers I had to take it to go! I’m always happy to have some good food later on.

Chef Hung also offers huge variety of bubble teas, hot and cold teas as well.

The food was very yummy and satisfying. I would definitely come back to try other side dishes, since the menu has a nice variety of foods.


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