Fashion photography services

My work in professional fashion photography in Vancouver is a challenging discipline in a highly exclusive and competitive industry. It combines two major elements of photography – exposure and composition. I rely heavily on dramatic poses and focus on details to covey both distinctive and appealing images.

The major purpose of fashion photography projects is to present an editorial point of view and reflect the concept of a particular storyline or theme. This branch of photography falls between commerce and art. The important thing is to convey brand identity and translate artistic concepts into images(photos) that express the brand. Editorial photography’s end use is publication in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books and websites. That’s why the right photo editing and retouching is crucial. The lighting for editorial shoots also is of huge importance, because it affects the mood of the subjects, and the emotion that runs through the entire narrative.

A great fashion photographer, too, must possess innovation, detailing and an intuitive artistic eye. But I also have to submit to the instructions of my client. My job is to transform the client’s thoughts and ideas into the finished picture.

I always consult with my clients to ensure I thoroughly understand their goal and vision. And then we decide on the course of action, location, time of day, support team, models.

When taking pictures of the model, I take great pains to create the perfect ambiance for the dress, the accessories and often for the whole concept to stand out.

Usually there are two different approaches: to focus on the product itself for commercial/catalogue purposes or to create the mood and style of the brand as lifestyle fashion.

Commercial/catalogue photos help the clients to showcase their garments and share their brand story with their customers. Both catalogue and advertising photography help the largely buyer audience to form an opinion about the designer and confidently make their purchases.

The lifestyle fashion photographer, on the other hand, must present the subject and setting in a manner that is highly desirable. The purpose is to sell the fantasy of a particular lifestyle associated with a chosen product or story. This is by far the greater challenge.

Right preparation for fashion photography

A well chosen location and environment are also an integral part of fashion photography. Photo shoots usually take place indoors – a studio or runway – or an interesting outdoor place. All the elements must work together and the chosen location should weave its visual effects into the story. This sensuous interplay of fashion and backdrop creates the suggestion of a compelling story behind the scenes.

Fashion photography is absolutely a group effort. The final result depends on the other team members – project coordinators, editors, models, stylists, art directors, make-up artists and technical support. Both editorial and fashion photography require thoughtful team collaboration, objective planning and effective communication among all the team in order to produce outstanding shoots. Equally important, is the ability to establish really good rapport with the models in order to draw out their natural vitality, subtle nuances and emotional range.

And, at the end of the day, a good fashion shoot should leave client and photographer with the glow of satisfaction that ideas have achieved expression.

In my profession, I have produced visually stunning photos for fashion magazines, catalogues, clothing and fashion manufacturers, retail stores, ad agencies and buyers.

Fashion photography styles I am comfortable working in are:

  • magazine photography
  • fashion and beauty editorials
  • catalogue photoshoots
  • promotional fashion photography
  • surrealist fashion
  • fashion shows

In my fashion photography work, I always do my best to bridge the gap between the look and functionality of the dress and the artistry of the finished piece.