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As your professional photographer in Vancouver, I provide exceptional photography services for personal and commercial use. Photography has been my passion from young and it makes me truly happy.

I love the challenge of exploring fresh and novel ways of capturing my subjects’ varying moods, and I am absolutely committed to creating the most captivating images possible at the highest quality.

Successful photography involves more than technical equipment and knowledge. It requires vision, insight, an eye for detail and excellent rapport with my subjects. As a professional photographer, I provide the highest technical expertise blended with artistic sensitivity and human warmth.

My versatility in adapting to a variety of genres has caught the attention of clients both at home and internationally. Portraiture, events reportage, editorials, and commercial photography – in sports, music, fashion and products – are my specialties.

I handle each assignment and project with dedication and priority from start to finish. Whatever your needs, whether big or small, I promise to give you something that will amaze you.

As photographer in Vancouver I offer these services:

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is one of the most creative and interesting genres because of its powerful storytelling capacity. It begs the question, “What‘s behind the picture?“ My main role as your portrait photographer is to connect with my subject and capture your unique personality in the freshest way possible. I do not aim for the right pose, but rather to have my subject convey a variety of moods without being conscious of the camera.  A great portrait photo session is a chance to express different aspects of your personality, even project your personal vision and sometimes reveal a part of you that not many people know.

Let me help discover your story and let me try to capture it from our first meting, through the photo shoots to the finished product.

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Woman Portrait

Events photography in Vancouver

Every type of event, both small and large, has many stories to tell. These stories are made of shared moments – the external ones that everyone sees – and the internal ones picked up in a range of expressions. Capturing detailed shots of these actions, emotional moments and reactions adds depth to the outward event and keeps it alive in our minds.

Before the event, careful planning is needed with the event coordinator to understand the sequence of activities, the key people, the highlights so that we can anticipate our action shots and angles, and position ourselves at vantage points.

I cover a variety of events from social, fashion and community events, awards nights, fund-raising events, concerts and performing arts functions, corporate events, professional environments, family events.

You can count on me to be ready before, throughout and after your event to ensure that we capture everything you expect … and more.

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Commercial photography

Great commercial photography comes down to telling a great story through striking images in order to promote a person, product or service. Editorial photography strives to create a story behind the product, while advertising photography represents the product or service in the most appealing manner.

My varied experience in commercial photography covers corporate and team portraits, architecture, interior design, automotives, technological innovations, consumer products, food and beverages, and sports.

Whether you need promotional photography to advertise your services, products, staff, idea or brand in general, as a commercial photographer in Vancouver, I can help to provide the right image to promote your business in an exceptional and aesthetic way.

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Fashion photography

As a fashion photographer in Vancouver, my key to success is innovation, attention to detail, imagination and an intuitive eye. I have produced visually stunning photos for buyers, fashion magazines, catalogues, clothing and fashion manufacturers, retail stores, and ad agencies.

Fashion photography‘s major goal is to showcase the subject in a manner that is highly desirable and sells a certain fantasy and lifestyle that relates to the chosen product or story. When taking pictures of the model, I take great pains to create the perfect ambiance for the dress, the accessories and often for the whole concept to stand out. In my work, I always look for ways to bridge the gap between the look and functionality of the apparel and the artistry of the total composition.

Let me help you promote your designs, and share your brand story and vision with potential customers.

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Product photographer in Vancouver

My years in the marketing industry have taught me that strong images are the cornerstone  of great advertisements. They help businesses to connect better with customers and sell their products to a wider market.

With long practice, I have gained valuable experience working with different products and materials and I know how to make images stand out for commercial marketing use.

Quality photographs build brand integrity and awareness of quality. Every good product photo should not only capture the product look and detail but also evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

It tells your audience what your product is and also inspire them to believe in what the product can do you for them, how it can enhance their lifestyle.

In product photography, I approach my work with artistic sensitivity and patience. I love collaborating with businesses to create pictures that not only look great, but also help to sell their products.

Whether you are launching a product, planning an ad campaign or creating a trade show booth, my expertise in product photography can help take your idea to the next level.

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Thank you for looking at the various photography services I can offer! Please contact me directly if you have any related questions or want to discuss your needs. Trust me as your photographer in Vancouver to create something unique and truly special for you.

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