Portrait photography genre

In portrait photography, my main role is to connect with you and capture intriguing aspects of your personality that are uniquely your own.

Portrait photography has a powerful storytelling capacity. Every individual has a story to tell through his unique personality, natural expressions and responses.

Every portrait photo session is a chance to discover the real you, to imbue it with your personal vision, and sometimes even present a different aspect of you.

Posing in front of the camera to reveal different sides of you is exciting but, at the same time, can be daunting. However, with the right approach, it is possible to put my clients at ease, so they respond in a spontaneous and unaffected way as they would to a friend.

I also find that the right kind of preparation always results in a more relaxed photo session, which produces the best results. Therefore, my initial interview with my subject is so important.

woman bridge portrait photography

woman bridge portrait photography

Portrait photography is probably one of the most creative genres of photography

I always showcase my previous work to give my client many ideas to explore, and then talk about portrait preferences, including clothing, styling and make-up. Tactful, well-directed questions always help my subjects to open up and share what’s on their heart.

In my personal photo shoots, I try to experiment with different camera settings, lighting and poses.  An interesting location could add depth to a portrait, and complement, or even contrast with the subject’s personality.

The portrait photography sessions might be scheduled in the studio or in multiple storytelling locations of your choice, using natural or artificial light. I also use my experience from fashion, architectural and commercial photography to add a unique style and deliver photos with unique edge and top-quality.

My goal is not to get the right pose, but to have the person communicate with me through varying expressions without being conscious of the camera.

I try to engage the person in a range of moods and emotions, from upbeat to sombre, which allows me a broad palette of both personality and color. I am always guided by the search for simplicity and truthfulness.

The people I photograph have inspired me to capture meaningful moments that make for memorable portraits. I am passionate about letting the expressions of my subjects tell their story from the initial germ of an idea to final realisation.

In my profession, I have had the pleasure of working with individuals, families, professionals, fashion models, artists as well as corporate clients. Whether it’s a couple’s engagement and promise sessions, personalized portraits, family and group celebrations – I am there for you.

Portrait photography styles that I am working with:

  • Traditional portrait
  • Environmental portrait
  • Location portrait
  • Candid portrait
  • Glamour portrait
  • Family portrait
  • Group portrait
  • Lifestyle portrait
  • Conceptual or abstract portrait
  • Constructionist portrait
  • Creative portrait
  • Abstract portrait
  • Fine art/surreal portrait
  • Documentary portrait
  • Formal portrait
  • Couple portrait
  • Occasion portrait
  • Corporate headshot
  • Passport portrait
  • Monochromatic portraits

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