Product photography projects

Whether you are launching a product, planning an ad campaign or creating a trade show booth, my product photography skills can help take your idea to the next level.

My primary goal is to highlight the product so as to Make It Stand Out In The Crowd. Clear appealing images help to develop a consistent look and feel for your brand. Every product is unique and that distinctiveness has to be captured in order for the product shot to catch the potential customer’s eye. This requires technical excellence, attention to detail and an individualised approach.

High quality, rather than high volume is what I aim for. When working on smaller items, I can individually compose each product within its own setting. With patience, it is possible to set up the right camera parameters to enhance or subdue lighting, and play with details such as shadow, reflection, refraction, background and other features in order to produce the most appealing effects.

My experience with product photography

With long practice, I have gained a lot of experience working with different products and materials from matt to glossy and metallic finishes, smooth to irregular surfaces as well as mirror effects. The right kind of image processing can make a difference between an ordinary shot and one that is exceptional. Often, raw product images will need retouching and restoration to look their best even in the highest resolution.

glass beads product photography

glass beads product photography

My painstaking attention to finish allows me to deliver consistently high quality results that will meet any commercial standards and make your product stand out over and above the competition.

When it comes to product photography, I approach my work with artistic sensitivity. Through years of experience in the marketing industry, I appreciate the fact that strong images are the cornerstone of great advertising because they help to connect better with the customer. Quality photographs build brand integrity and recognition of quality. In this way I love collaborating with businesses to create pictures that not only look great, but also help to sell their products.

What makes good product photography?

In my opinion, every good product photography picture should not only capture the product appearance but should also evoke an emotional response in the viewer. Product photography should not just tell your audience what your product is but also convince them of what it can do for them and how it can change their life. A compelling image of a glamorous woman spraying perfume on her body is telling the user that you can be as irresistible as she is if you exude the right scent.

Whether you need images for your perfumes, menus, product packaging for advertising, websites or social media, contact me today and give me the pleasure of  creating irresistible images for your product photography project!