Truth about lies.

I knew if I stayed for one more minute, I would blink and years would go by.

Places unknown excite me. People I haven’t met are more familiar to me than the faces I see everyday.

If I had to choose to love or to be loved I would never choose to be loved.
Hiding. I would hide behind the mask and observe. Observe what life would look like without me in it. Would people I love be less hurt. Would they be less disappointed?  Would you not break another kind heart with your hasty words?Maybe.  
Being behind the mask, entering the safe zone, there wasn’t any exhilaration..only momentum.
Everyone wears masks. Everyone has faked a smile.  We wear masks to cover our disappointments and pain. We  fake emotions to get places..
How mad is the world?
 Very mad.
Being behind the mask, entering the safe zone, it’s where I hide, it’s where I discover. I lie.
Being behind the mask, staying in the safe zone, it’s a lie.
You stay there for too long it becomes your reality. You become a person who’s trying to fit in. You become someone else. It’s a lie.
You’re not what you think you are. You are what you hide. Quit wearing your social mask, believe in who you are. 
Model: Gintare Galviciute
Location : Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC.


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