What is it like Living in Vancouver

For a small city girl like me, moving to Vancouver was a huge deal. British Columbia is beautiful, landscape is breath-taking. I was lucky to get this chance to come to Canada, being here has taught me so much, led me to opportunities and what’s most important I got to leave my comfort zone and open new doors to new adventures.
 Vancouver offers a lot.  From the cityscape to landscape there is something for everyone’s taste.  Vancouver has relatively mild winters, which is so nice if you want to experience real Canadian beauty but you’re afraid of heavy winters.
I’m still exploring Vancouver. This city offers stunning scenery.
Here is my list of places I love:
  • North Vancouver Lynn Canyon Park, was the first hike I did when I came to Vancouver. We did not know what to expect, if was a really rainy and foggy day, but the views and the gloomy atmosphere has made it so magical. It also has a suspension bridge which is so much fun and it’s free.
Access:  Easy Access by bus or car, and a free parking.
If you’re already in North Vancouver go and check out Deep Cove.  It’s one of my favorite places to go to in any kind of weather. The town is really cute, and the hike to Quarry Rock, is easy and the views at the end are rewarding.
Access : Easy Access, there are few parking areas, sometimes it’s hard to find parking though.
My recommendations: After the hike, or before the hike, up to you really, visit Honey Doughnuts & Goodies, that place has amazing food, soups and sandwiches, and their doughnuts are to die for!  Simply get your food to go, sit outside and have lunch with an amazing view.
If you like cinnamon buns, you can’t miss Covert Neighbourhood Cafe… I think they’re the best there. I honestly do!
  • On the other side of the map, in the West Vancouver, Lighthouse park, is one of the main attractions to go to,  it’s a short hike of 15 min I would say, and the views are spectacular, on a beautiful day you will be able to see the cityscape of Vancouver.
Access: Easy access by bus or car. Bus takes you directly there straight from the Downtown Vancouver, very convenient. If you drive, there is a free parking.
  • Going a little further up, Horseshoe Bay, I simply love that place. I would definitely want to live there. The town is so cute, has lots of stores and eateries. The best part is the view really. It’s a ferry terminal, ferry goes to places like Sunshine Coast, Bowen Island or Vancouver Island.. Something to consider, if you have a spare day or two:)
Access: Easy accessible by car or bus ( goes directly from Downtown Vancouver). Wanna Drive? Never had a problem finding parking!
If you feel like stretching your legs, park at the Horseshoe Bay and head to Whytecliff park. Which is like 30 min. walk from the town, I always do that, while walking there you can explore the views and check out the beautiful houses on the cliffs..
And once you’re there, you will be enjoying spectacular views, I promise.
If you’re feeling lazy, or it’s cold and rainy, you can always go there by car, parking is free, lots of parking spots are available.
  • Stanley Park, one does not come to Vancouver and miss seeing this beautiful place. Especially Sea Wall. Rent a bike, or roller blades, walk or run around it. Sea wall is a must. Yes it is a long walk. But you will love it..
Stanley park has few eateries and if you feel like enjoying nice dinner and beautiful views book a table at Teahouse. I love the view from that place, although food is average for my taste.
  • Granville Island. One of the first places I went to on my first days here in Vancouver. If you live downtown, you can walk there which will be quite a long walk, or you can take a bus or drive there. The best way to go there is to take a boat taxi, I think that’s how they’re called. These little cute boats can fit just few people, and they go directly to the Granville island, you can go there for few dollars, and make sure you buy a return ticket, it’s way cheaper this way and it’s valid all day too.
Once you’re there you can enjoy the cute little stores, local artistry and my favorite part – market place. Buy fresh made granola, cheese, meat and veggies.
  • Kitsilano – in summer time, have fun playing volley ball, skate, roller blade, rent a bike. On a colder days, enjoy the walk, with a beautiful panorama of Vancouver Downtown. Magical place.
These are the few places you can easily access any day. And take in the beauty of Vancouver nature wise. The downtown Vancouver is so admirable too.  The most popular places to visit:
  • Gastown, place where it smells like history. Coming from Europe, and truly missing all the historical buildings, this is the place I feel most “at home”. It is a truly neat area, with lots of funky eateries, cafes, souvenir shops.. Also a famous Steam Clock, you just have to take a picture of it.
  • Coal Harbour area Is one of the most visited and truly beautiful part of Vancouver Downtown.   You can enjoy the views such as North Vancouver and the magnificent mountains in the background.. Shipyard is also visible from this area.  I love walking down the coast side.. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or raining, everyday this area offers new views.
  • False Creek is an another favorite area, with views of the city and water, waterside apartments..
False Creek provides really good access to different neighborhoods.
Vancouver has so much more, and the more you explore it the more you fall in love with it.

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